The Domestic Yapoo

Numa Shozo

Born on the 19th March 1926 in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture. His real name is Amano Tetsuo.

After graduating from the old Fukuoka commerce school, he worked for Manchuria Steel Company and on returning to Japan enlisted in the navy. After demobilisation he contributed many submissions about masochism to sex magazines while working various other jobs. In 1967 he joined Shinchosha. While working there as a proof reader he continued to write novels and essays. The Domestic Yapoo, serialised in Kitan Kurabu (Mystery Story Club), became the most unusual post-war book.

He passed away on the 30th November 2008. He was aged 82.

***Views expressed in this translation do not represent those of the translator. Racial slurs are direct translations from the original text***

 Volume 1

Chapter 1            Genesis

  1. A Dialogue about the Training of Domestic Animals
  2. Pauline Jansen
  3. Clara and Rin’ichirou
  4. Masturbation
  5. UFO

Chapter 2            Inside the Flying Saucer

  1. Beauty and the Dwarf
  2. Telepath
  3. Yap Dog Pneuma
  4. Training Hunting Dogs

Chapter 3            The Astonishing Truth

  1. Self-Introductions
  2. The Tragic History of the Ptero-Quadrupeds
  3. Universal Empire “EHS”

Chapter 4            A Discussion on the Nature of Yapoo

  1. Simius Sapiens
  2. The Creation and Significance of Yapoonism
  3. Intelligent Livestock

Chapter 5            An Invitation to the Universal Empire

  1. Kissing a Yapoo
  2. A Present for the Queen
  3. A Vow of Love

Chapter 6            A World without Toilets

  1. A Change of Clothes
  2. Tricolour Food Chain System
  3. Standard Setteen

Chapter 7            The First Experience

  1. A General Outline of Yapoon
  2. The Word “Oshick”
  3. The Story of a Certain Setteen
  4. First Use of a Setteen

Chapter 8            The Earth Two Thousand Years Ago

  1. Cylinder “Grecia”
  2. Appearance of the Three Aristocrats
  3. Wrist Make and Built In Cranial Earphone

Chapter 9            Separated

  1. Skin Oven
  2. Soma and Pygmy
  3. The History and Current Conditions of the Pygmy

Chapter 10          Pygmy Duel

  1. Gladiatorette Chest
  2. How to Use a Toilet
  3. Transforming the Body
  4. Committing Harakiri

Chapter 11          Arrival at the Villa

  1. Plural Escaroad
  2. Tunnel Car
  3. Foot Necking
  4. Auto Chair
  5. Cure Injection

Chapter 12          Upstairs and Downstairs at the Crystal Palace

  1. Shoe Yapoo
  2. Rin’ichirou Goes Berserk
  3. A Confession of Love
  4. Dermatic Pain
  5. Livestock Kept to be Whipped
  6. Two Ways to Break the Jap

Chapter 13          Beauty and the Beast

  1. Lovers Reunited
  2. William’s Worries
  3. Cuck Operation
  4. Yapomb
  5. Failure

Chapter 14          Two Operations

  1. Coma Wave
  2. Special Pen
  3. Artificial Animal “Cast Saddle”
  4. Pentadactyl Surgery
  5. The Carnal Whip “Timbow”