The Domestic Yapoo – Chapter 2.2


The cunnilinger regained consciousness at the kick. It felt the seething anger of its mistress vividly through its telepathic nerve centre and prostrated itself on the floor, shrinking its limbs and affecting an air of fear. Two hollows in the shape of footprints could be seen on its exposed back.

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The Suicide Hotel of the Roumon Quarter – Chapter 1 – Maki Itsuma (English Translation)

When Madam Celestine of Hotel Amsterdam saw the bellboy coming running down from the third floor in a most hurried and unusual manner, she emerged from the foyer reception.

In that rapid fire way of speaking common among Parisians, she asked, “What on earth are you so flustered about, Paul?”

The boy, Paul, answered in an alike manner with eyes as wide as saucers. “I was taking petit déjeuner to room 14 on the third floor but the door was locked tight and no matter how many times I knocked, there was no response.”

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The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton (歌詞和訳)





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The Domestic Yapoo – Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2            Inside the Flying Saucer

Beauty and the Dwarf

Stepping through the door in the destroyed engine room, they emerged in a corridor and soon found the way that led to the centre of the ship. They could find no evidence of a lighting system, and yet the whole corridor was illuminated by bright daylight. Could the ship be using a surface light source by means of electro-luminescence? There was no carpet on the floor but its surface had an elasticity not dissimilar to that of rubber. Rin’ichirou noted that even in his bare feet, it didn’t have the cold feel to it that was characteristic of metal. He wondered what materials it might be made of. The door leading to the flying saucer’s central room opened by itself when they approached as though it was automatic.

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