The Blue Hearts – Hon no Sukoshi dake (English Lyrics)

It doesn’t have to be long

Pashu washu wana jubi long time
Pashu washu wana jubi long time

Not even the jeweller knows
Where their diamonds will end up
Will they still be the same 100 years from now?
100 years from now, I’ll be dead

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The Domestic Yapoo – Chapter 3.2

The Tragic History of the Ptero-Quadrupeds

This may seem like a digression, but I’ll take some time now to explain about pegasi. Prehistoric horses are called equus in EHS and can only be found in zoos in that time period. The word horse refers to giant yap horses (Chapter 15.3), but there are two other kinds of animals that are used for riding. The first kind involve twin yapoo produced by treating the chromosomes of fertilised eggs with nucleic acid. These twin yapoo are operated on, fastening one’s shoulders to the other’s waist like the horse in an old pantomime. This creature, one entity made out of two bodies adhered together like Siamese twins, is called a centaur. The other kind is the pegasus.

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The Domestic Yapoo – Chapter 2.4

Training Hunting Dogs

Pneuma was Pauline’s pride and joy, a Neanderthal Hound who had thrice won the best overall dog medal at the show. It had been in a state of excitement since the time yacht had fallen from the sky but had finally broken down the door that had become loose in the crash and, seeing Rin’ichirou on its way to its master, had leapt upon him, unheeding of its master’s commands in its excitement, and bitten him. This all happened because Rin’ichirou was naked.

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